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With decades of innovation and passion under its belt, the GE Sealants line of consumer products continues to build on a proud legacy of leadership in silicone technology from the company that developed the aerospace silicone sealants used by  NASA to seal the boots on astronauts’ space suits, helping to enable man’s first steps on the moon, as well as construction silicone sealants that are tough, yet flexible enough to hold glass panels on some of the world’s tallest skyscrapers.

The GE Sealants comprehensive consumer line of premium products embodies quality, strength and performance, for the confident completion of a variety of household projects by both professionals and homeowners. Whether you need 100% silicone for weatherproofing, an acrylic latex sealant for beautiful, paintable results, or an adhesive that can outperform the elements, GE Sealants are among the most innovative and trusted products on the market.


In 2006, Henkel Corporation purchased the Advanced Materials business of General Electric Company, becoming the exclusive global licensee of GE-branded silicone sealants, adhesives and coatings. With a decades-long history of advanced, innovative technology, our legacy includes a groundbreaking development of silicone sealant technology in the 1950’s that continues to drive the industry today. Since that time, we have broadened our horizons even wider in research, innovation and quality to meet the ever-growing expectations of our customers and ensure that our products continually deliver the long lasting quality needed to complete your project with confidence.